5 Advantages to Buying a New Construction Home

5 Advantages to Buying a New Construction Home

Why New Construction?

With the market stabilizing, there are more options on the market which is a huge win for people on the hunt for a new home! Buyers can be more thoughtful and selective as they make this huge purchase, rather than feeling rushed into a decision based on lack of availability.

With that being said, we believe that new construction homes are the best purchase you can make in today's market. Here are our top 5 advantages to buying a New Construction home.

1. Warranties

One of the biggest benefits to purchasing a new construction home is the fact that most builders include warranties with their homes. Industry standard is a minimum 1-year builder warranty to correct any issues in the home during the first 12 months.

Here at Schuber Mitchell, we include all manufacturers warranties on appliances, a 2-year builder warranty, and a 5 year- structural warranty that can even be extended to a 10-year warranty if the buyer chooses.

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2. Financing Incentives

Because builders sell a large volume of homes, they can often work with local mortgage companies as preferred builders to ensure that you are getting the best rates possible when it comes to financing. They also coordinate with lenders to create exclusive programs for New Construction buyers. For example, Flat Branch Home Loans currently has rate lock programs just for buyers purchasing new construction homes that extend up to 290 days!

Beyond that, many builders are choosing to develop land in RD Eligible places. This helps make homeownership attainable for people who need down payment assistance.

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3. Personalization

 One of the biggest draws to building a new home is the opportunity to make design selections. Depending on the builder, you may have the option to make decisions about the flooring, cabinets, paint colors, and more!

We have over 100 options you can choose from to personalize your home. Check out our virtual designer to get a taste of what our design process is like!

4. Efficiency Standards

Over the years, home building standards have increased to ensure heightened safety and efficiency. The US Department of Energy regulates over 60 products ranging from furnaces, appliances, motors, plumbing fixtures, and more, plus individual states also enforce their own codes regarding safety and efficiency.

Older homes may pass for "good enough" according to outdated standards, while new homes are tested against the most up-to-date levels of scrutiny. Not only will you likely experience lower utility payments in a new home, you also have a solid foundation for sustainability in the future.

5. Peace of Mind

If you've lived in an older home before, you are likely familiar with the seemingly constant unwanted surprises that arise. Whether it's aged materials kicking the bucket or utility bills that spike from season to season, older homes can cause owners to lose sleep over what may be coming next. Newly built homes are a safer option for buyers who can't afford those pesky surprises, and will no doubt give peace of mind through the reliability they provide.

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Want more information on new construction homes?

Our New Home Advisors are available to answer any questions that you may have.

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