Our Story

When an EF5 tornado swept through Joplin in 2011, the resulting destruction caused over 2.8 billion dollars worth of damage and the even greater, invaluable loss of many members of the community. In the midst of this destruction, many families were left without a place to live, and the number of homes that were lost to the storm meant that it was crucial that Joplin begin to rebuild.

As home builders and contractors from all over the country flocked to Joplin to take advantage of this huge housing need, not all of them were building homes with integrity. Daman Schuber and Dan Mitchell saw a need for quality housing and a builder who cared about the community, so they each decided to do something about it.

Without knowing it, they both reached out to Rick Betenbough, of Betenbough Homes (The #1 Homebuilder in West Texas), and asked him to come and help rebuild Joplin. While Rick had a heart for the community, he knew that building homes in a state 10 hours away from where he lived was not feasible. So, he challenged Dan and Daman to join forces and take on the job themselves. With the strong foundation provided by Rick’s knowledge and experience, they began Schuber Mitchell Homes; and here we are - 10 years later!

Why We Exist

Honor God
Enrich the lives of others
Make home ownership attainable for everyone
What We Do

Design and Build Affordable Luxury Homes
Offer a simple, transparent, and caring home buying experience
Create communities where people love coming home

This is the second new home we purchased from Schuber Mitchell. Everyone is friendly and made sure my home was what I wanted. My new home is beautiful in a wonderful neighborhood, and everything is working as it is meant to work. I love the home warranty they provide also. If you are in the market for a new home, definitely check out Schuber Mitchell. I am very satisfied with my new home.

My husband and I had an amazing experience buying our first home! Schuber Mitchell did a wonderful job walking us through the entire process and supporting us the whole way!

Schuber Mitchell went above and beyond throughout the process. I genuinely appreciate the people on the sales and construction teams that take you step by step through the process from choosing your home to move in. I’ve been in for 3 days, and my needs have been, and are being met. The workers in the field are courteous and friendly. I am always met with smiles, and grace from the Schuber Mitchell teams.

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Schuber Mitchell Homes Instagram Post
Schuber Mitchell Homes Instagram Post
Schuber Mitchell Homes Instagram Post
Schuber Mitchell Homes Instagram Post
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