Save $4000 on Your First Home Purchase

Save $4000 on Your First Home Purchase

Saving for a new home purchase can be daunting, especially if you've never done it before! The average Arkansas borrower spends $3115 on closing costs and transfer taxes, not to mention their down payment – that's a sizeable amount of cash!

If this is an obstacle keeping you from purchasing your first home, check out what our partners at Flat Branch Home Loans are currently offering to help you out! 

Flat Branch Flex Funds

The Flat Branch Flex Funds program is a grant to first-time homebuyers, providing monetary assistance of up to $4000. Here's the deal:

  • Flex Funds can be put towards your closing costs (fees associated with the loan) or  your down payment (the initial payment you'll make on the loan). 
  • The property must be your primary residence, meet Fannie Mae Home Ready requirements, and it must be a single-family home. 
  • You must be a first-time homebuyer, as defined by Fannie Mae
  • You'll need a minimum 3% down payment -- that's $9000 on a $300,000 purchase, for example. 
  • Your household income cannot exceed 80% of the median area income.

Making Homeownership Attainable

Here at Schuber Mitchell Homes, part of our mission statement is to "Make Homeownership Attainable For Everyone" which is why we love to partner with like-minded organizations like Flat Branch Home Loans. Together, we work to help our communities reach the goal of owning a home and loving where they live. Programs like Flex Funds help drive that mission and make the process even easier. 

If you'd like to meet with someone to ask questions or confirm your eligibility, our New Home Center is the place to go! Flat Branch representatives are readily available at our offices to help you out on your home-buying journey. 

You can also make an appointment by calling our team at 866-499-8919. We would be happy to help you! 

Flat Branch Home Loans is Schuber Mitchell's Preferred Lender. Flex Funds Program is only available to eligible borrowers. 

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