A New Home Advisor's Most Frequently Asked Questions

A New Home Advisor's Most Frequently Asked Questions

A New Home Advisor's Most Frequently Asked Questions

The home-buying process can evoke so many emotions whether you’ve done it five times before or it's your first home. Forgetting little details about the home-buying process is easy for an experienced buyer to do, so don’t worry if you’re new to the game! Before you dive in too deep, try educating and preparing yourself as much as you can about the process. Our New Home Advisors are a great tool to utilize when you start having questions during your home search. That's why we sat down with them to answer our most commonly asked questions and help prepare you for your home-buying journey.

1. Where Do I Start?

Before you begin shopping for a new home, we recommend chatting with a mortgage lender. Why? Lenders can get you approved for a loan and jumpstart your path to homeownership. If you don’t have a preferred lender in mind, we suggest Flat Branch Home Loans . They have great rates, a variety of home loan options and are determined to get you approved regardless of your credit history. We even have Flat Branch representatives who work on-site with us so you can get approved and shop for a home in the same location, all in the same day. Talk about a simple home-buying experience!

2. What Does the Process Look Like?  

Select Your Floor Plan

Once you’ve been approved, you’ll meet with one of our New Home Specialists to chat about what

you’re looking for in your next home. They will help you find the floor plan and community that best fits your budget, lifestyle, and any other must-haves.


Design Meeting

Next comes the fun part - meeting with a New Home Consultant. This is the meeting where your

house starts to feel more like a home. You’ll select and finalize the interior and exterior options for your home - including colors and styles for brick, granite, flooring and more! Now that you’ve designed the floor plan of your dreams, picked out a homesite in the perfect community, and have your finances secured, your home is ready to be built! 

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You've picked everything out and found the perfect place - all that’s left to do is sign on the dotted line! At this meeting we will walk you through your purchase agreement and answer any questions that you have. Once your new home agreement has been finalized, our build team can work their magic.

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Frame Tour and Dedication

When construction begins on your home, an Experience Specialist will be your main point of contact. They’re here to answer any questions and keep you updated on the progress. We want you to feel confident in your home and how it was built - that’s why every homeowner who chooses to build a new ho me experiences a framing tour. You, along with your Experience Specialist, will walk through your home and see what’s really behind your walls. During the frame tour, you are also encouraged to invite friends and family to join you to bless your home. Anyone who comes along with you can write an encouraging phrase or bible verse on the framing to live forever inside your home.


Orientation and Closing Dates

As your home nears completion, a member of our team will reach out to set a date and time for your Homeowner Orientation and to meet with the title company to close on your new home!



The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here - the day you become a homeowner! You’ll meet with your title company for one last meeting to go over and sign your closing documents and officially take ownership of your home. When all the paperwork is complete, we will hand over the keys and you can start moving in!

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3. Why Should I Choose Schuber Mitchell Homes?

While we are biased, there are so many reasons why you should choose us to build the home you love. For starters, we understand what it means to build an affordable home without sacrificing quality. Every home is built above and beyond the latest codes and standards, utilizing the latest technology with PEX plumbing, ZIP System insulation, AFCI breakers, and hardwired smoke detectors. You can even add a smart home package to optimize your comfort and home efficiency. Say hello to a safer home, lower home insurance premiums and sweet, sweet peace of mind!

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Something else that makes us different from other home builders? Our warranties. No other home builder offers the same benefits at our low price. Every home comes with up to a ten-year structural warranty , a two-year comprehensive warranty (covering all materials and workmanship), and luxurious amenities throughout the home at no additional cost. Remember, we want you to love coming home!

Learn more about our unique home benefits .

So many questions and emotions can arise when searching for a home - trust us, we get it. That’s why we offer a simple, transparent, and caring home-buying experience for everyone. We have experts waiting to assist you on your journey and answer any questions you may have - big or small!

What are you waiting for? Start your route to homeownership by chatting with one of our New Home Advisors today. 

"Schuber Mitchell makes it easy for buyers of all types to purchase a brand new home. Our specialists can walk buyers through all the scenarios and answer every kind of question. We love hearing the relief in first time home buyer's voices when they say how painless the process was!"

       - Becca Snell, New Home Advisor

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