Frequently Asked Questions for Building a Schuber Mitchell Home

Frequently Asked Questions for Building a Schuber Mitchell Home

We know that building a new construction home seems like a daunting task. That is why we are here to help you understand all that goes into building a new construction home with Schuber Mitchell Homes. 

Where are you building? 

Schuber Mitchell Homes is currently building in Northwest Arkansas, and Southwest Missouri, and we have now moved into the Northeast Oklahoma market. 

What is a systems builder?

Here at Schuber Mitchell Homes, we are a systems builder and have a five-phase build process. Our phase 1 builders oversee the preparation of the lot and the concrete slab. Phase 2 builders oversee the framing of the home. Phase 3 focuses on the exterior of the home, including all brick, vinyl, stone, and other accent materials. Phase 4 will happen at the same time as phase 3, and phase 4 builders are responsible for drywall, mudding, taping, and texture. Phase 5 takes your home to the finish line. The builders will paint each room and install the final flooring. Once phase 5 is wrapped up, our detail team will come in and finish up all of the final touches and details. Being a systems builder allows us to build homes efficiently and quickly without compromising quality so that you can move into your brand-new home that much sooner! 

What is the difference between a New Start and a QMI and how long is the home-building process? 

A New Start Home allows you to choose a floor plan and hand-pick your finishes from a beautiful list of options curated by our design team. Here's a quick list of some of the categories: cabinets, countertops, flooring, lighting, plumbing fixtures, brick, garage doors, and more! This process can take 6 to 8 months depending on the community that you choose to build in. 

QMI stands for Quick Move-In Home and this type of home has all of the interior finishes already chosen. The length of this process is determined by the phase that the quick move-in home is in. The soonest a Quick Move-In home can close is 30 days. 

What kind of financing and down payment do I need to build a new home? 

Financing a home can be confusing. Our friends at Flat Branch Home Loans are great resources to tell you exactly what type of loan is going to work best for you and your financial situation. 

The first step in this process is to get a pre-approval letter to determine the loan amounts and types that you qualify for. The type of loan that you choose will determine the down payment needed for your home. In most cases, the deposit amount to secure your home will match the down payment percentage required for your loan type.

Remember, no question is a silly question! Your loan officer is there to help you through the whole process. 

What kind of warranties do you have? 

Here at Schuber Mitchell Homes, we include all manufacturer's warranties on appliances, a 2-year builder warranty, and a 5-year structural warranty that can even be extended to a 10-year warranty if you choose. While most builders only offer the 1 year required builder warranty, we stand by our work and want to walk with you for the full 2 years. 

What sets Schuber Mitchell Homes apart from other builders? 

Schuber Mitchell Homes has been building homes for over 10 years. We have perfected our craft and have helped over 3,000 families love coming home. We have developed many processes as a system builder to build homes efficiently and quickly while still ensuring the highest quality crafstmanship. 

Not only do we have a tried and true build process, but we also have a unique mission and vision. We exist to design and build affordable luxury homes, offer a simple transparent and caring home-buying experience, and to create communities where people love coming home. 

Check out our 5 Advantages to Buying a New Construction Home blog to learn more. 

Still have unanswered questions? Connect with us at 866.818.2742 or visit for more information. We are here to help you achieve your dream!

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