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Embracing Elevation: The Benefits of a Two Story Home

When it comes to choosing the perfect floorplan, the debate between a single-story and two-story inevitably arises. While both offer their unique aspects, there are many advantages to building vertically and going with a two-story home. 

Maximized Space Usage

One of the major advantages of a two-story home is the efficient use of space. By stacking vertically, it allows you to have more square footage without having a large footprint. This layout allows for more yard space or green area without compromising the interior square footage. 

Distinct Living Zones

Two-story homes also naturally lend themselves to the creation of distinct living zones. Downstairs, you establish the family living zone: living room, kitchen, and dining area. All of our two-story home plans offer an open-concept main level perfect for social gatherings and hosting. Meanwhile, upstairs, you have quiet zones for rest with all the bedrooms on the second floor. 

With the bedrooms on the second level, two-story homes offer enhanced privacy and noise isolation. This separation of living and sleeping areas can be an advantage for families with children or multi-generational households, allowing each member to enjoy their own space without being disturbed by the gatherings on the first floor. 

Curb Appeal

When it comes to curb appeal, two-story homes offer a sense of grandeur and architectural interest. The elevation also allows for more creativity in landscaping and unique architectural design, making two-story homes eye-catching and sure to stand out in the neighborhood. 

Schuber Mitchell Featured Two-Story Homes

Our 2360 two-story plan has a designated flex space that many families use as an office for working from home to help you separate work and play. Another way that it can be used is as a designated workout room so you can get those gains! 

Our 2550 two-story plan allows you to choose between a family room or a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom so your home fits your family's needs. This space is perfect for family movie nights or having guests stay!

In the search for the perfect floorplan, the advantages of choosing a two-story home become clear, from maximizing space usage to enhancing privacy and curb appeal. With its efficient design and distinct living zones, a two-story dwelling offers a balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Embrace elevation and consider a two-story as your next home. 
kitchen and living room
2 story home exterior
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two story home exterior
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living room and kitchen area.
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Schuber Mitchell Homes Instagram Post
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